Leaderboard with pagination

There is a demo showing a leaderboards with pagination enabled. On this example we setup a leaderboard of 30 users, showing 5 users per page.

Leaderboards will automatically display new results using a technique known as “infinite scrolling“. Do not worry if you are not familiar with this term, the new results will get loaded automatically when you scroll down to see the bottom part of the leaderboard.

Note: On this demo, the leaderboard is configured to merge the avatar and name colums into one column.

# Name Badges Energy Grade
1 GamiPress 8 67700 Grade B
2 Irene Berna 3 8200 Grade C
3 Ruben Garcia 9 8100 Grade D
4 Jane Doe 1 6600 Grade D
5 John Doe 1 5500 Grade D

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