Responsive leaderboards

By default, all leaderboards that you can view in all demos are already responsive when you view them in a small screen but additionally the Leaderboard block includes the option “Force Responsive” to force the leaderboard to get displayed with the responsive style even if the leaderboard is displayed in a big screen.

Additionaly, the responsive style will hide all the extra columns and will make them toggleable, which means that if you click in a row the rest of the columns will get displayed.

Here is an example of a leaderboard forced to be displayed with the responsive style.


# Name Badges Energy Grade
1 GamiPress 8 71700 Grade B
2 demo189 0 10100 Grade D
3 demo232 0 10100 Grade D
4 demo240 0 10100 Grade D
5 Irene Berna 3 8200 Grade C

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