Easy Digital Downloads integration

Referrals add-on includes buil-in integration with Easy Digital Downloads to let you award your affiliates for referral purchases!

Here are the steps to test this integration:

  • If you are not logged in, log in with a demo account (to make the affiliate account).
  • Check your referral URL.
  • Enter your referral URL in your phone (or another device) to register as a referral user.
  • Visit our Easy Digital Downloads store with the referral account and purchase anything.

Now, in your affiliate account, you can view how your referral sales count has been increased and in your user earnings will appear a new earning with a 50% commission in points of the purchase you made with the referral account (for example if you made a purchase of $10, the affiliate account have received 5 points).

Everything about the points commission for referral sales is explained in the add-on documentation.

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