Access by expending points

Same as in Restrict Unlock Demo page we have setup a Quest that it’s unique requirement is to visit this page and also the Quest unlock is restricted.

But this time we have setup requirements that are impossible to meet and are reach the Level 4 and has 1,000,000 Points.

Level 4 only can be unlocked by purchasing it on the Purchases demo, but, since is a demo, all purchases will remain in pending status, so there is no a real way to reach Level 4 and get 1,000,000 Points is extremely difficult.

So, for this Quest we have setup an alternative way that Restrict Unlocks offers and is to optionally bring the possibility to get access to unlock this by expending 1,000 Energy, without meet the requirements.

On the following example, you will see the Restrict Unlock’s informative text explaining the requirements you need to meet to and at the bottom, a button to expend the 1,000 Energy that will let you earn the Quest.


Restrict Unlock Quest 2

This quest can be unlocked by visiting the Access by expending points demo.

But it’s unlock is restricted to users who has reached the Level 4. and has 1,000,000 Points.

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